Yogi's Golf Cars, LLC is pleased to be your Number One provider of sales, service and parts for golf cars. Our extensive product knowledge, combined with our dedicated customer service, is the reason why more and more customers are choosing Yogi's Golf Cars, LLC for all of their golf car needs.
It’s simple; customers searching for a dedicated, northern Wisconsin provider of GOLF CART SERVICES can trust the professionals at Yogi’s Golf Cars, LLC. Our used inventory surpasses other area golf cart dealers by offering our customers a wide choice of models, including custom golf carts.
Variety is the key at Yogi’s Golf Cars, LLC. We stock, sell and install parts for all makes and models of golf cars. Whether you are in need of a single part for your golf car or require accessories for multiple, or Custom golf carts, we can help! Creating unique, one-of-a-kind Custom golf carts is our specialty. Included in that is providing a wide variety of colors to fit your preference - we paint and detail the cart just as you want it...and you'll find that our cost for this custom work is, well, unbeatable. Just call us to find out.

Offering quality golf carts for sale, Yogi’s Golf Cars, LLC ensures all customers, purchasing a golf cart, receive a high-quality product. Before making each cart available for sale, all Golf Carts must pass a thorough inspection. Since many of our orders are customized and will require shipping, we are happy to provide our customers with an individualized, custom quote.
Should you be interested in browsing our current available fleet, be sure to click on the Golf Cars under the Products Tab. Remember, if there is a particular make, model or seating capacity Golf Car you are interested in, don’t hesitate to contact us, as our inventory is always changing. 


Yogi’s Golf Cars, LLC is pleased to offer our customers golf cart parts and accessories for every make and model. Offering every part to make your golf car perform its best, Yogi’s Golf Cars, LLC is pleased to also carry the following golf car accessories: BATTERIES FOR ELECTRIC GOLF CARS, in addition to ball washers, club protectors, coolers (6 and 12-packs), lift kits, turbine wheel covers, windshields, and wink mirrors.

To clear up any possible confusion, Yogi's Golf Cars LLC purchased JB Golf Cars, located in Eagle River, WI in the spring of 2012, so calls made to that phone number (715-479-1331) will be directed to Yogi's Golf Cars LLC. To ensure that you reach us there, please call us on our toll-free line at 1-800-589-8262.