White Yamaha

Gas powered, excellent runner.

​Call for pricing.

Purple EZ GO

Brand new batteries, lights, windshield

Rear seat

Call for pricing.

2001 Club Car

Used batteries (tested 70% life left)

Windshield, Rear seat, Extended

canopy, lights, directionals, Very clean

Call for pricing.

2001 Beige Club Car

Windshield, Rear seat 

canopy, lights, directionals

Batteries tested good

Call for pricing.

Green 2000 Yamaha

Good used batteries,

Rear seat, Lights

Call for pricing.

Green EZ GO

​Owned and operated on golf

course entire life.

Call for pricing.

Custom 2001 Blue Club Car

Custom seats, Lights including rear lights 

Rear seat, New batteries

Call for pricing.

2010 Green Club Car

Windshield, Lights (including   

directionals) Extended cab,

Rear seat, Batteries good

Call for pricing.


GREY HARDLINE  (on left)

​Call for pricing.

1994 WHITE EZ GO (on right)

Owned and operated

exclusively on golf course.

Call for pricing.